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I have 20 years experience in the retail & fashion industry working as a senior buying executive  for some of the biggest names in high street & luxury  retail. I provide independent and constructive support to help you and your team develop, grow or change your business, strengthen your brand & can support you in understanding what sustainability means for your business & how you can incorporate sustainable practices into your operations & culture.

I help retailers, brands, makers and suppliers in store and online, and all those spaces in between. 

There are three rules I live by: 1 Be passionate: you've got to stay committed. 2. Be resilient: not everything will work out as you had  planned. And 3. Delegate to others: you can't do it all; and especially delegate when they can do it better.

who i've worked with

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When you need a retail expert to review your operation and improve your sales and profitability.

I provide support in planning and launching a new idea, brand, department or retail space.

Do you need help in sourcing? Are you looking for sustainable alternatives?

Let me guide you on procurement:  product development,  sourcing, design,  pricing and range optimisation. 


Let me plan and build a commercial strategy around your idea or brand that allows you to achieve & celebrate success.

I can guide you through trade analysis and planning, enabling your brand to grow &  deliver profit whilst showing you how to  identify  additional opportunities. 

DESIGN + Merchandising

If you are struggling to find the right designer to bring your idea to life, allow me to introduce you to an experienced network.

Need help in bringing your retail space to life? I can help you to create inspiring displays in your store & build impactful window  displays to  improve  overall customer experience & entice consumers to spend time & money in your store.


Want to learn more about sustainability in general and what this means for your business sector? I can deliver a lunch & learn workshop for your business and introduce what sustainability means for your business, the legislation in place today that guides us in terms of what our obligations are and how we can build quick wins into our daily lives.

Ready to take the next step and need guidance on building a sustainability plan or strategy for your business but don’t know where to start?

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