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Retail & Sustainability Services

Every business and brand dreams of building icons. Get the balance right in your life and make sure that the time you spend on your brand transforms your vision into reality and adds value.

Life is for living. Why not live it with purpose, so more can do the same and your icons stand for something, for longer.

retail + procurement

When you need additional support for your buying division in terms of leading and supporting a team to successfully deliver a commercial strategy and drive performance & results.

When you need support in terms of planning and launching a new idea, brand, department or retail space.

Procurement: sourcing, (including sustainable sourcing), design, product development, pricing and range optimisation.

Ecommerce: how this should be presented and positioned; how to communicate & market your ecommerce offer to your target audience.

Strategy building: building pivotal plans which provide practical tools and leadership to react with agility and confidence in an uncertain market.


Need help in positioning, re-positioning or launching your start up or brand?

How to plan and build a commercial strategy around your brand that allows you to achieve and celebrate success with your big idea.

Support with store and online strategy development.

Support with trade analysis and planning to enable your brand to grow, deliver profit and how to quickly recognise additional opportunities.

How to source suppliers and work efficiently with  the right ones to establish win win outcome..

Communicating and marketing your brand to potential buyers, customers and suppliers.

design & merchandising

Are you struggling to find the right designer who just gets your vision and can bring it to life?

Trust me to introduce you to experienced designers and connect and work with the one who is the right fit for you and your concept.

I can help to guide you on how to approach this part of your business, whether it's coming up with a design brief for a designer to create your logo, or putting you in contact with a web designer who can provide you with the appropriate design platform for your brand or maybe you just need some help with a designer who can build tech packs for you and advise on technical specifications.

Need help in bringing your retail space to life? I can help you to create inspiring displays in your store & build impactful window  displays to  improve  overall customer experience & entice consumers to spend time & money in your store.


Want to learn more about sustainability in general and what this means for your business sector?


I can deliver a lunch & learn workshop for your business and introduce what sustainability means for your business, the legislation in place today that guides us in terms of what our obligations are and how we can build quick wins into our daily lives.

Ready to take the next step and need guidance on building a sustainability plan or ESG strategy for your business but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to take the initiative today and start building a business for the future which understands its obligations from a CSR reporting perspective?

I can help you to create your sustainability roadmap, built on pillars that are the most important for your business and its key stakeholders, ensuring that you are always focused on building a business that is purpose driven, while demonstrating sustainable wins.

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