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Fair Play

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The concept of sustainability doesn’t just apply to climate action & the environment, but also applies to people, and how we all interact. When it comes to the concept of sustainability & people, we look at diversity, equity (giving people what they need in order to succeed), and inclusion and use these as pillars to plan, build and measure sustainability strategies and frameworks.

Are you wondering how diversity, equity & inclusion still have significance in our (Irish) society in 2023? Let’s take one group of people and understand how these issues are still relevant for them: women in sport.

Shauna Keogh of Empire Elite Sports issued a call to action yesterday for fair treatment & equal opportunities for all athletes. Did you know that the Irish inter county ladies football and camogie players are currently playing their championship matches under protest?

The ladies teams have called for minimum standards of care and welfare to be enshrined in a charter from 2024 that will protect their rights and grant them equality in sport. This charter would bring uniformity around issues such as expenses, playing gear, medical care and pitch access among other issues. They have issued a statement, saying that they “find (them)selves in a situation (they) never wanted to be in” & feel that they are being treated as second class citizens.

Last night Kerry ladies played Meath in the All Ireland Football Quarter Final in Tralee. Both teams played their hearts out with #UnitedForEquality slogans pinned to the back of their jerseys.

Photo Credit - Radio Kerry , Facebook

We send our boys and girls out to play football and camogie from a very young age. We send them out and tell them to just do their best. That that’s all that matters. But it matters so much more than that.

Those girls grow up and become talented football and camogie players. Some are better than the boys. They no longer have to play in white shorts, but spare a thought for all they do and the ferocity with which they do it. Would you still send your little girl out to play camogie or football knowing that for some reason the boys would be treated better for turning up and playing, but the girls might not?

Recent meetings have taken place between representatives of the GAA, LGFA, and Camogie Association.

At an Oireachtas meeting last Wednesday, GAA director general Tom Ryan said there had been no contact from either the LGFA or Camogie Association on the issue of a female charter, but that the GAA stand ready and willing to offer support if either of the two governing bodies get in touch.

The 68 captains of the male senior inter county teams have expressed their full support for their female counterparts. Let’s hope the GAA leadership stand by their statement earlier this week and demonstrate their full support to women’s camogie & football in Ireland by bringing uniformity to the women’s game. Lead by example from the top down & support our girls..

I’ll leave you with the below clip. Make sure you watch right to the end.



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