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Going Back For The Good Stuff: Denim Stories, From Amsterdam

Amsterdam felt like going back in time: with nods to chemistry lessons and the periodic table (all those inky references to sulphates & carbon on denim) and then subliminal reminders throughout both days to "respect your elders", in this case where elders, means vintage. Because this is where it's at for Fall: going back to the good stuff.

Denim Dudes, aka Amy Leverton & Shannon Reddy,  began their FW25 Forecast, not by diving straight into colour & trend but by addressing the issue of sustainability & whether this can be ever be reconciled within fashion and trend.

It definitely begs the question: can fashion ever be good?


Nudie Jeans addressed the issue of mass consumption & climate as a victim in this short clip. Be prepared to see more and more brands, designers & individuals using their platform for fashion activism.

Fashion activism, and attitudes towards this, was probably the most important message from the Future Forecast presentation delivered at Kingpins. In terms of how you are planning your range for FW25, start first with sustainability. Once you have decided your position, then design with circularity in mind.

Create future vintage.



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